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Washigton D.H.I.A.

Tests Performed

At the current time we perform butterfat, protein, and somatic cell testing. We can also have your samples sent out to other labs to perform more extensive testing, please feel free to contact the office if you are considering this type of testing or if you have any questions.


The Washington State D.H.I.A. was formed in 1957. There are 40 such state organizations across the country similar to Washington D.H.I.A. The purpose of these groups is to provide information to the farmers to help improve the qualities of their herds. The Washington State D.H.I.A is operated by a Board of Directors and first was managed by Bob McCauley in 1972.
This organization developed its own lab and began doing testing for milk components in 1972. This test is intended to check for the level of milk fat and protein in the cow’s milk. During the entire time, Washington D.H.I.A. has been running this test there and there has never been any incident which would have resulted in a claim, nor is any expectation that an incident would result.  The superior training of their employees diminishes the chance of a problem occurring. Also, the random testing done by Washington State D.H.I.A. and the trained technicians would pick up abnormalities if there was a chance of greater than certain percent because this would not fall within normal realms. It is extremely unlikely that this type of incident would occur.
The second type of test performed by Washington State D.H.I.A. began in 1979 and is the test for the white blood cell count of the milk cows. This provides information on the udder health of the cow and whether or not the mastitis is present. These are the two tests currently preformed at D.H.I.A. though in the past they also tested for staph and bovine leukemia.

Old D.H.I.A.